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UGLYDOLL Clip-On Fishy

Uglydoll Clip-On Fishy 4035788
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You know how you just want to throw your hands up in the air when you've had just about enough? Well Fishy has his arms up pretty much all the time, because he's had it up to here (top of his forehead) with just about everything! You know how the shorter line at the supermarket somehow goes slower than the long one and the last guy in that line (who tried to cut you off earlier in the parking lot), now gets to go first? Dude! Well, Fishy is right behind you in the line of life. He has seen his fair share of WHAT THE HEEEY moments and... wait, you know what? You guys should totally hang out. With his experience and your smarts, perhaps you can win one for the home team. Also, your arms match.
Product Details
  • Introduction: April 2013
  • Dimensions: 5in H x 2in W x 4in L
  • Polyester blend
  • Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 1 year and up
  • Toy Of The Year Award by Toy Industry Association
  • Oppenheim Best Toy Award
  • Parent's Choice Approved Award

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